Symbiosis Effects consists of husband and wife duo Charles and Sonsoles. Charles is the audio designer for all of our pedals, creating the circuit boards, soldering and building each pedal. Sonsoles is the art director and illustrator, hand painting each individual enclosure.


Charles’ interest in pedals began in 2012, in no small part due to early gearmanndude big muff videos and PGS Andy, oscillating his Carbon Copy like a madman.


Symbiosis Effects was in turn created as a way to fuse Sonsoles' artistic abilities with Charles’ passion for all things audio. Our pedals are intricately hand painted, with priority given to ‘tone’ during the overall design and functionality.


Symbiotic relationships are the driving force behind the illustrations, depicting the evolution of species through time, merged with unique patterns and colour combinations. Our pedals serve not only as great sounding stomp boxes, but also as a small canvas to be placed on your pedalboard.


Please shoot us an email via our ‘Contact Us’ section if there’s anything you want to know or discuss regarding our pedals, gear, recording and audio / music in general, we are always keen to have a chat.